For Her Glory Story
Judy PiotrowskiJudy Piotrowski underwent a mastectomy for breast cancer on July 3, 1995. On that date, her battle began with breast cancer. Her courageous battle lasted nine years, with several reoccurrences, until her death on August 27, 2004. In August 2003, Judy was hospitalized. Judy’s oncologist informed us that she would not survive the night, but she did and once again began the healing process. Everyone around Judy knew this was a miracle; however, being a miracle was difficult for Judy.


She was compelled to search for answers: What am I supposed to do? Why did God save me? What is my purpose?


One day, Judy, her husband Scotty, and friend Jackie Cooley were visiting “The Shoppe”, a store owned by the Longstreet Clinic. The manager, Lynda Collier, was talking on the phone and she was quite frustrated. She was trying to convince an insurance company to purchase a wig for a young lady with cancer. The insurance company refused! Due to the increase in cancer, some insurance companies do not provide wigs as a benefit. This lady had no other means to purchase a wig. At that very moment, we promised to provide the funds for this lady. Judy, Scotty, and Jackie made several phone calls and received generous donations from friends, to help with this purchase.

The young lady was in her early twenties, single and with two small children. She was working, totally bald, wearing a baseball cap and very embarrassed! The young lady sent us a thank-you note that was an inspiration for us to continue helping others. Judy said, “I know my purpose.”

“For Her Glory” is in a bible verse where it talks of a woman’s hair and her hair is her Glory, and she should not be without it. We all felt that anyone battling cancer was in the fight for their life, and should not be denied anything that would help them keep their dignity along the way. We decided that we would form the “Fund”. After advice from Attorneys Fred Link and Tread Syfan, we decided to organize our efforts by utilizing the North Georgia Community Foundation. They would administer the funds for only 1½% . It was important to us that the majority of the money goes toward helping the survivors. We spent months planning exactly how and what we wanted. On August 23, 2004, Judy was able to realize her dream just days before she died; the “For Her Glory” Fund was formed.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Individual does not have insurance
  • Insurance will not pay for needed items
  • Individual is economically deprived

Referral Process

Requests must be referred by a doctor of oncology or other health care professional who confirms eligibility requirements have been met.



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